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University of Basel

GPP - HEAR Global Alumni - INFO Session 2018

GPP Alumni hosts an annual open forum bringing to discussion topics of high interest in Higher Education and Research and by offering comparative views on the respective Swiss and US landscapes. At these events program participants share their findings and insights with a wider academic public from their own program experiences. PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers are especially invited to attend and consider application for GPP - HEAR Global attendance and funding in 2018.
The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 15 November 2017.
Time: 17:30 - 19:00
Location: GRACE Meeting Room at the University of Basel Library (3rd Floor, #306).

Universities and Society: Meeting Expectations?

GPP alumni event November 2013

The third GPP alumni event on November 27th 2013 was hosted at the Institute of European Global Studies in Basel. Its Director Prof. Madeleine Herren issued with her keynote about the history of international organizations a strong statement for research in global and entanglement history. Afterward Prof. Karen de Pauw, Vice Preseident of Virgina Tech (USA), presented in her speech comparative views on the inter-relations between Universities and Society in Europe and the US. With an overview about their personal experiences and findings, three participants of GPP 2013 opened a lively discussion about this year's topic: «Universities and Society: Meeting Expectations?».

During the debate the focus lay on the global entanglements of the higher education systems in Europe and the US as well as on the question what Universities achieve for Society. An increasingly global higher education sector leads to changes in academic perspectives and highlights the importance of interdisciplinary collaborations and degree programs for the future.

Career paths in academia: How well do we select?

GPP alumni event November 2012

In 2012, the central theme of GPP was Access to and within higher education. The topic proved broad and the issues explored ranged from diversity,equity, knowledge dissemination, academic careers to teaching for tomorrow's learners. Comparisons drawn between the two countries provided much to reflect on. Concentrating on the topic of selection, Career paths in academia: How well do we select? led on from these reflections.

Two keynote speakers offered views from both the Swiss and US sides. From the US, Professor Dr. Karen de Pauw, Vice President and Dean for Graduate Education, Virginia Tech and from the central administration of the University of Basel, Administrative Director, Christoph Tschumi. A number of GPP 2012 participants spoke on the theme, presenting their reports from the program before opening up the floor to discussion.

Doctorate - Quo vadis?

GPP alumni event December 2011

«Doctorate – Quo vadis?», was a half-day conference with a comparative focus on PhD education in Switzerland, neighbouring Europe and the US plus discussion about avenues that doctoral education might take in a near future. The event took place on 14 December 2011, generously hosted by the Faculty of Law.

Keynote speaker Vice-Rector Constable, presented his ideas and goals for the doctorate at the University of Basel based on his vast experience as a researcher both in the UK and Switzerland and further places abroad, launching many thought provoking issues.

GPP is very pleased to have created an atmosphere where a diverse representation of the university community came together to exchange on one of the current issues in Higher Education; Doctorate Reform.

GPP 2012 will be examining the theme of «Access to and within Higher Education». Stay tuned for information about next year's alumni event and join us for another lively discussion and GPP experience.

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