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FAQ Lecturers

  • Who will support me in the use of new media for planning teaching projects?

    The Educational Technologies (BBiT) department supports lecturers on the topic of "e-education" with the aim of promoting contemporary university teaching and learning. The use of digital media should not replace classroom instruction, but rather reinforce the quality of traditional teaching by complementing the curriculum.

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  • Where can I receive help with using media for teaching?

    The New Media Center is the central skills center for the design, development and implementation of multimedia. The services are available to all lecturers, projects and departments of the university. The New Media Center is staffed by experts well versed in the areas of programming, design and video production. Its facilities include a small television studio and sound booth. The team's extensive experience with the various academic cultures enables it to convey complex creative content in a targeted manner.

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  • What teaching-related further education courses are offered at the university?

    The University of Basel offers courses on academic instruction as complete programs and individual classes as part of the further education program. Courses with and without certificates of achievement are offered, and one training course is internationally accredited:

    The training programs are based on the different stages of one's academic career: the focus is on providing systematic support for tutors in dealing with new tasks such as teaching-related responsibilities and a change in roles.

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  • Who helps to plan the courses of study?

    The Program Development  Office advises and assists the rector's office, the faculties and the Education Commission on strategic, contextual and conceptual questions concerning the development of degree course structures, as well as academic program development projects in consideration of university-wide requirements and the national and international higher educational environment. In addition, it links the University of Basel internally, nationally and internationally on teaching and study-related topics and is committed to providing expertise in the field of teaching and university development.

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  • I would like my course to be evaluated. Who can I contact?

    Please contact the Dean's Office of your faculty. Each faculty (and sometimes individual departments) have a representative for the coordination of course evaluations. This is usually performed by the Dean's Office. If not, you will be referred to the appropriate contact. There is a quality management process for teaching in each faculty and in some individual departments. It is posted on the faculty/department website and includes a periodic evaluation of all courses.

    In addition to the periodic evaluation, you may have your course evaluated at any time. The additional use of your own tools for evaluation is welcomed. Useful information on the implementation and usefulness of course evaluations can be found under evaluation of courses from A-Z issued by the Department of Evaluation. It is intended for lecturers and for the coordination of evaluations, and is continuously updated.

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  • I would like to integrate sustainability into my course. Who can help me?

    The Sustainability Office at the University of Basel is the central contact point for this topic. The office initiates, combines and coordinates projects on sustainability. Courses on this subject are currently being developed in cooperation with the Academic Instruction department.

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  • Are there any language courses to support teaching and research offered at the university?

    Yes, the University of Basel has a special Language Center that provides a range of professional language learning opportunities. Learn about the current range of courses!

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