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Leadership and Cooperation

The development of junior as well as senior line managers and management executives (professors, executives, project leaders, team leaders, research group leaders, people in tutorial roles etc.) is central to our Leadership & Development services. At the same time a constructive and appreciative culture of working together and communicating is central to the code of conduct at the University of Basel.


Customized training and support for teams and groups

In addition to trainings the department Leadership & Development offers customized teambuilding sessions for line managers and their teams. In cases of change, for new teams or reorganization turn to Dr. Ariane Schnepf for support.

Coaching and counseling for employees of the University of Basel

All staff can make use of one-to-one coaching or counseling sessions. These coaching sessions can usually be arranged at short notice and are free to all employees of the university.

Contact Dr. Ariane Schnepf to arrange a personal meeting.


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