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University of Basel

Doctoral Programs

In the course of implementing the Bologna Reform, the University of Basel has been developing around 40 PhD programs since 2010.

Half of these programs are structured, with a curriculum (minimum 18 ECTS) and mostly rooted in a department or single discipline while also being largely interdisciplinary in orientation. The other half of the programs consist of interuniversity activities (like a joint Summer School, for ex.), often focussed on a topical theme from a predominantly disciplinary perspective.

A PhD program allows doctoral candidates to collaborate intensively with their peers, the various professors in the program and experts from inside and outside academia. Participation in a PhD program requires a preparedness on the part of the doctoral candidate to be actively involved in the structuring of the program as well as the (self-)organisation of courses.

PhD programs also help facilitate excellent local, national and international networking.

Establishing new PhD programs and Graduate Schools

The University of Basel is now entering a consolidation phase of its doctoral education while identifying potential topics for the development of new Graduate Schools and/or doctoral programs together with the faculties, represented by their members in the Doctoral Commission (Doktoratskommission).


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