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University of Basel

Cotutelle de thèse

The University of Basel offers its doctoral candidates the possibility to do a double doctoral degree with partner universities in around 60 countries in Europe (including Israel).


A cotutelle de thèse is determined by the fact that doctoral candidates are enrolled at two universities ("partner universities") of different European countries. They pursue a double degree in accordance with the doctoral regulations of both institutions but only submit one dissertation/thesis for joint evaluation by the partner universities.


The cotutelle is initiated by the doctoral candidate and requires the agreement of a first supervisor in Basel. At the very least, the following requirements must be met in order to apply for a cotutelle:

  • The doctoral candidate has already been admitted to doctoral studies at one of the potential partner universities.
    Please note that there are deadlines for the online application: 15 March (for the spring term) / 14 October (for the autumn term)
  • The partner universities belong to the European Higher Education Area (including Israel). 
  • The doctorate was not started (enrollment date) at either institution later than 12 months ago.
  • At least half of the expected doctoral period can be actively spent at the home university and a total of at least 12 months at the host university. (The "home university" is the university at which the doctoral candidate enrolled first, is employed or has received a full scholarship, and which bears the main administrative responsibility.)

Further guidelines and the details of the cotutelle process can be found in the information sheet (see download links below).


Upon successful application, swissuniversities will grant a maximum of CHF 10'000 for travel and accommodation costs at the guest university as well as other cotutelle-related expenses.

Details can be found on the cotutelle page of swissuniversities here.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications are to be submitted to cotutelle@unibas.ch by 1 March each year (and not to swissuniversities directly).

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