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Nachhaltigkeit, Ideen-Workshop
Students at the BOOST Workshop

You are full of ideas and are looking for possibilities to put them into practice? Then BOOST is exactly the right place for you!

BOOST is a program that promotes student projects relating to the topic of sustainability at the University of Basel. Students and PhD fellows at the University of Basel can design and submit their own project ideas to BOOST. When the best projects reach implementation stage, they receive financial support and coaching in the fields of project management, communication and sponsoring.

BOOST your imp!act 2015



Prof. Dr. Edwin Constable, Vice Rector for Research at University of Basel

For me personally, I am very pleased that students are willing to dedicate their leisure time for more sustainability at the University of Basel. With the support of university staff and businesses from the region, BOOST generates concrete and innovative projects.

Prof. Dr. Edwin Constable, Vice Rector for Research at University of Basel

Idea workshops

Each year BOOST chooses a new topic linked to sustainability and organizes an idea workshop. At these popular workshops, students are able to demonstrate creativity and develop project ideas with expert guidance and in inspiring surroundings. The motivation and commitment on the part of students and specialists, and the energetic input by the creativity coaches have always resulted in a great atmosphere.

2015/16: BOOST your imp!act
2014/15: Beste Reste – Waste - There’s no such thing!
2013/14: Energy



BOOST is a joint project of SDUBS (Students for Sustainability at the University of Basel) and the Sustainability Office. BOOST is sponsored by the University of Basel and the Sustainable Development at Universities Programme which is financed by the Swiss University Conference and the Mercator Schweiz foundation.


With best thanks for the support!
BOOST, Trägerschaft


BOOST, Sponsoren


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