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University of Basel



EvaSys Trainings

The Center for Excellence in Evaluation offers tailored-to-fit single and group trainings, as well as coaching in EvaSys application.

Introduction Advanced

New EvaSys users will be accompanied step by step using EvaSys. Usually there are three meetings:

  1. Introduction to EvaSys and account setup;
  2. Data import and survey creation;
  3. Report creation and distribution.
The topics of the advanced courses are freely selectable. There have been trainings on scan problems, data classification, creating summaries, sub-group summaries and profile line reports with comparative lines.


Good Practice Series

The Good Practice Series is a series of events that promote the exchange on evaluations and their use at the University of Basel. The events are organized as needed.

Your suggestions, wishes and participation are important to us. External experts may be invited according to the event’s goal or topic. The duration of each event is usually about 2 hours. They can be held over lunchtime or in the evening according to your wishes. If you are interested, contact the Center for Excellence in Evaluation.


EvaSys Trainings

EvaSys offers two-day basic training courses in Lüneburg, coaching accompanying projects and webinars, and organizes an annual user conference with workshops on EvaSys application (EvaSys).

Training in Evaluation

The following institutions offer good further education in Evaluation:

  • Zentrum für universitäre Weiterbildung (ZUW) der Universität Bern (BE)
    MAS, DAS, single courses
  • Universitätsinterne Fortbildung der Universität Basel (BS)
    single courses
  • Pädagogische Hochschule der Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (FHNW) (AG, BE)

These institutions organize good conferences, with some holding workshops as well, on the topic of Evaluation:

  • European Evaluation Society (EES)
  • German Society for Evaluation (DeGEval)
  • Swiss Society for Evaluation (SEVAL)
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