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University of Basel

Research Surveys

Are you reliant on empirical data for your research? Does the collection and, if necessary, the control of the collected data take a long time? Here the survey and evaluation software EvaSys can help. With EvaSys paper, online, hybrid and multimodal research surveys can be carried out professionally and in a time-saving manner. In addition, the data from interview and observation sheets can be captured quickly by scanning; time-consuming typing and inspecting will be omitted. By means of the automatic instant analysis, descriptive values, including easily interpreted graphics, are available at any time and enable useres to get a quick feeling for the data. The results can be exported as a CSV / Excel or SPSS file and can be processed with the usual statistical programs.

Better conditions for researchers

The main advantages are:

  • Technical relief ► more time for "real" research
  • Fast data availability (competitive advantage)
  • High data quality (omission of time and effort for control)
  • Immediate evaluation (quick feeling for the data)
  • Potential pro-argument for research applications
  • Professional appearance in corporate design
  • Elimination of personnel costs for data entry and control (calculation example for illustrative purposes: for a survey with 2'500 questionnaires à 60 questions = approx. 9'500 SFr.)

Use of EvaSys at the University of Basel

EvaSys is web-based; which means, no software installation is required and the application can be accessed from anywhere. A campus license is available for the University of Basel. The Center of Excellence in Evaluation is responsible for the coordination.

Necessary: EvaSys ​​access and instruction on the functions.

EvaSys for Research Surveys including service package (introduction, training, support) is subject to a fee until further notice (self-cost contribution). If you have any questions or you are interested in a nonbinding demonstration or offer, please contact the Center of Excellence in Evaluation

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