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Class evaluation

The goal of the class evaluation project is to strengthen evaluation activities for individual classes offered by the faculties (Project description). This addresses a main point of criticism that came to light in the Quality Audit 2007/2008 and will pave the way for successful accreditation of the University of Basel (Conceptual Framework).

The project was launched in June 2010. The pilot project was successfully completed in the Faculty of Business and Economics. The project is currently underway in the Faculties of Theology and Humanities. The plan is to expand the project to the entire University by 2016. The goal is not to develop a university-wide, standard evaluation process. However, to ensure compliance with international evaluation standards (Guidelines), university-wide standards for carrying out and using class evaluations have been developed (Evaluation standards).These standards were adopted by the Steering Committee for Quality Development (SAQE) and initially apply to the basic evaluation phase (2011-2016). They will then be finalized, taking into consideration the experiences gained within the faculties at the University of Basel.


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Opinions on class evaluation:

Student: “I appreciate it when lecturers report back on the evaluation results as this indicates that they take the results seriously.”

Lecturer: “The dialogue with students helps me design the class in the best possible way and provides me with the opportunity to report my own observations and impressions to students.”

Dean of studies: “Effective evaluation processes systematically show where strengths and potential for improvement exist, while at the same time offering concrete starting points for optimization as well as acknowledging good teaching performance.”

Dean of studies staff member: “It's important to me that evaluation forms are easy to prepare, can be quickly scanned, and that reports can be created automatically.”

Past projects

Advising and support with various evaluations:

  • BBiT
  • Equal opportunity
  • Faculty of Law
  • Staff and organization development
  • Language center
  • University Sports
  • Transferable skills
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