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University of Basel

University of Basel ERC Applicants

Researchers from the University of Basel or University Hospital & Clinics who are planning to apply to for an ERC Grant are requested to contact Eve Silfverberg from the Grants Office well before the deadline. Together with our colleagues from the EUresearch network we offer support and advice to applicants.

Host Commitment

As part of the proposal a "Commitment of the Host institution" is required. At the University of Basel this is organised by the Grants Office. Please enter the details of your ERC proposal in the Grants Tool of the university, at least three weeks before the deadline.

Proposal Submission Forms:

Proposals are submitted via the Participants Portal Submission System (PPSS) using the templates provided by the ERC. (Click on the link for the relevant Call)

For the proposal registration you will need to enter the following information for the Unviersity of Basel.

PIC (Unique Participant Identification Code) : 999907914
Short name: UNIBAS

In step 4 of the proposal submission process ("Parties"), the Main Host Institution Contact has to be entered. For the University of Basel this is:

  • First Name: Eve
  • Last Name: Silfverberg
  • E-mail: euresearch-at-unibas.ch
  • Project Role: Main Host Institution Contact

The address can be completed in step 5 by editing the administrative forms (p9 contact address of the Host Institute) :

  • Department: Grants Office, Vice Presidents Office for Research
  • Street: Petersgraben 35
  • Town: Basel; Postcode: CH-4001
  • Phone 1: +41 61 207 28 83; Phone 2: +41 61 207 18 62


Seed Money

ERC applicants can apply to the University's Research Fund for up to 50,000CHF for the preparation of thier ERC proposal. 

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