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University of Basel

INSIDE - For new Professors

Welcome to the University of Basel!

The following information is directed mainly at newly appointed professors. Here you can find some facts regarding administration and services, especially the Executive Director’s Administration offices with a collection of links to services and documents. This collection of links provides a follow-up for the event INSIDE that takes place once a year upon invitation by the Executive Director, Christoph Tschumi. INSIDE offers first-year professors an introduction to the processes in administration by heads of the various departments.
If you need someone to turn to or have special questions all employees of the administration are happy to be at your service.

2. Governance

Schaubild Governance
Image Governance

In this paragraph you can find orientation and more webpages related to governance and general regulations within the University of Basel. They constitute the organization and processes within research and administration.

3. Human Resources

HR is your contact for all questions related to employment, salary and social insurance. Use the HR website for answers to most of your questions and information concerning people to contact. In the list below you can also find links leading to central services for employees like Diversity or Training and Development.

5. Data Availability and Information Technology (IVIT)

IVIT IT and Information Services2

For questions relating to data availability and information technology you can turn to the IT services (ITS) to find the people for your support.

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