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About the Programme

Welcome Networking @ Swiss Embassy

Since the launch of the programme on 25th May 2010 more than 200 doctoral candidates have been admitted. All of them have progressed in their professional careers and constitute, today, a privileged link for GPP participants into the world of early career research work and academic development.

Topics of the programme years

GPP 2016

The EU Modernization Agenda

The EU and its Modernization Agenda 2020 stands at the forefront of interest for participants of the GPP 2016 programme. Comparing Higher Education and Research (HEAR) in Switzerland and the US, the impact of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) as regional innovators and job machines and the relevance of teaching and learning for preparing successful academic careers members of groups both from the US and Switzerland have shared their findings at the occasion of the program's closing conference that took place at the Swiss Embassy in Washington on Friday 17 June.


GPP 2015

Relevance and Accountability of Higher Education

Participants discuss the topics of Relevance and Accountability of Higher Education in a global settting. By doing so, they develop  arguments around three thematic foci:

1. The Global University: To Whom is the Global University Accountable?

2. Graduate Students and Postdocs: Importance to Higher Education

3. Degrees: Public or Private Good?


GPP 2014

The Future of Higher Education - Preparing for Change

In its fifth year of bilateral existence, the Global Perspectives Programme invites participating students to discuss and bring together insights and experiences of its 2014 theme «The Future of Higher Education - Preparing for Change».

After the visits to Higher Education Institutions in  Switzerland and the US  programme participants gather at the Swiss Embassy for the closing conference.

Presentations at this conference are published in the GPP 2014 Manual.

Papers submitted and feedbacks from alumni underline the importance of this programme for a better understanding of challenges that are imminent to the Global Higher Education sector.

GPP 2013

Universities and Society: Meeting Expectations?

How has the role of the university evolved in terms of meeting societal needs and aspirations? In what areas do the universities contribute to society? In what ways does society contribute to the university? What are examples of society-university engagement? In 2013, GPP participants are immersed in this inquiry  through exchange of experiences and visits to higher education institutions in each other's countries.

At the Global Perspectives conference, participants share their insights on the role of the modern university and its place in a changing global context. The results of their studies demonstrate how universities will have to balance the different expectations from their societal stakeholders in a time when knowledge is ever more vital to our societies and economies.

GPP 2012

Access to and within Higher Education

GPP 2012 focusses on the theme Access to and within higher education. Historically access to higher education has been limited by gender, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and more – what now are the realities around the world? Individuals and access to HE; knowledge generation & dissemination; the where and how of HE and academic career paths are among the topics explored. Participants are challenged to rethink existing models of higher education and to develop new ideas for the future.

GPP 2011

What might doctoral education look like 20 years from now?

In his programme report, Cédric Scheidegger Lämmle, Departement Altertumswissenschaften, University of Basel, recounted; 'I was rather surprised when one of the GPP participants from Virginia Tech asked me: «Do you think that PhD students and post-docs at your university are happy?» Moreover, his question proved to be of the rhetorical kind as he added: «In the US, they’re not».

GPP 2010

Programme Launch

The Global Perspectives Programme (GPP) is officially launched on May 25th 2010. The US delegation, lead by Prof. Karen De Pauw, Vice-President of Virginia Tech and Dean of VT's Graduate School, is welcomed to Basel University at an afternoon reception. Rector Prof. Dr. Antonio Loprieno lends his support to the programme in a welcoming address that highlights the realities and challenges of a global higher education market.


As much as I adored and admired the robots at VT, the absolute highlight for me in the GPP were the real people! Hardly ever have I been so inspired by conversations and felt like finally someone - and many more than just one - understood and even shared my thoughts about higher education, learning and teaching. I sincerely wish that this dialogue continues as an inspiration and motivation to all of us to not only dare to have a vision but also try and make it come true. Maybe in 2050 the robots will beat the real world soccer champions, and maybe higher education will actually look somewhat like what we imagined it during the program!

Mareike, GPP 2011

The Global Perspectives Alumni Meeting 2017

VT Sem Riva 1
VT-Basel Riva Seminar 2016 © ET

10 years+ of Global Perspectives work in the US and seven years of joint action with Basel will lead to a Global Conference in New York on 26 and 27 June 2017.

Asking about the relevance of transferable skills for the development of academic careers scholars from the US and Switzerland will discuss about this topic and a study presenting results of a survey that will start end of 2016 among the Global Perspectives cohorts.

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