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University of Basel


It is always a good idea to start collecting information and looking for housing in the Basel region as soon as possible. The following information should help you go about finding housing strategically.

To better understand the housing situation in Basel, you should first think about the topography. Basel is a city canton covering a mere 23 square kilometers immediately surrounded by two national borders and one cantonal border (Canton of Baselland).

Many people have moved to Basel in recent years due to its economic prosperity, globalization and easier official entry requirements, which is increasingly reflected in a tight housing market. Today, Basel is one of Switzerland's cities where finding housing is becoming more and more difficult and expensive. 

While housing within the limits of the Canton of Basel-Stadt appears quite limited, the situation is less acute from a more practical standpoint: the Canton of Basel-Stadt, together with the conurbations on the Swiss as well as the German and French sides, form a metropolitan region encompassing many municipalities that act much like districts in an actual metropolis. This offers a variety of possibilities when it comes to choosing a place to live.

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