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Higher Education and Research GPP - HEAR Global


This program invites doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers of all fields to learn about trends in Global Higher Education and Research and to broaden their skills set of career developments in the international academic arena.
By joining the program, participants will also become part of a larger network of GPP - HEAR Global alumni across the globe.
Offered within the framework of University of Basel's Graduate Center, program kick-starting courses are open as transferable skills courses to program and non-program participants enrolled with the University of Basel, the Universities of Zurich and Berne as well as from EUCOR - The European Campus Universities.

About the programme

The GPP - HEAR Global 2017 closed on Friday 23rd of June  with a conference on the question about Higher Education as a Public Good. Dr Mary Sue Coleman, President of the Association of American Universities, provided the keynote address. The conference was graciously hosted by the Swiss Embassy in Washington Dr Simon Marti, Science Counselor, welcoming guests and conference participants. For the eighth time in a row GPP - HEAR Global participants shared insights of their common program weeks and work with a select audience from Embassies, Higher Education Institutions and Funding Agencies.

Application procedure

Registration for GPP - HEAR Global 2018 will open again in November.

GPP - HEAR Global is open to all University of Basel PhD candidates and Postdoctoral researchers, independently of their academic fields. It also opens to PhD candidates enrolled at the University of Zurich or Berne as well as at one of the EUCOR - The European Campus universities. Interested students can apply for the entire program or for attending the kick-starting seminars only starting in Spring 2018. These initial courses are offered in the framework of the University of Basel's Graduate Center Tranferable Skills Courses. Programme participation allows for earning credit points.

Dates to pencil into the agenda: Thursday 22 February, Thursday 22 March and Thursday 26 April 2018. Professor Karen De Pauw, Vice-President of Virginia Tech and Dean of VT's Graduate School, will talk about the US Higher Education and Research (HEAR) Landscape (22 February). Professor Christian Imdorf from the University of Berne and affiliated to the University of Basel will introduce to and provide an overview of the respective landscape in Switzerland (22 March). Professor Jay Rowell, Research Director CNRS at at the University of Strasbourg, will provide insights to the changing French HEAR landscape. Registration for these courses can only be done with the Graduate Center.

Take a look at the program structure and consider applying. Enquiries can be sent to Erich Thaler.

GPP - HEAR Global Alumni Network

GPP - HEAR Global hosts an ever growing network of forward looking individuals engaging in global academic networks and partnerships. They provide a framework for continuous reflection and academic support for younger colleagues and those eager to learn and connect with the academic labour market.

The final conference this year saw the presentation of a survey among GPP - HEAR Global alumns executed by the program's academic lead person, Professor Christian Imdorf. It showed the impact of transferable skills onto pathways for academic career development.

GPP - HEAR Global Input Seminars

The GPP - HEAR Global input seminars are courses open to PHD candidates and postdoctoral researchers from the Universities of Basel, Zurich and Berne as well as from EUCOR - The European Campus Universities. These courses introduce to current topics of Global Higher Education as well as to career skills sets needed for the US, Switzerland and France. Interested students register with the Graduate Center of Uni Basel or apply for a programme seat with the GPP Coordination Office. The three seminars prepare full-time programme participants for the upcoming meetings and working sessions with US based students from Virginia Tech.

GPP - HEAR Global manuals

Jointly published by the University of Basel and Virginia Tech, the GPP - HEAR Global manuals and blogs reflect experiences of exchange and mutual learning with both Swiss and US participants. They all address needs and challenges set by an ever changing Global Higher Education landscape.

  • Global Perspectives 2016: EU Modernization Agenda
  • Global Perspectives 2015: Global and Local Accountability of Higher Education    
  • Global Perspectives 2014: The Future of Higher Education - Preparing for Change
  • Global Perspectives 2013: Comparative views of the Swiss and US Higher Education systems with a focus on the evolving roles of universities and their connections with society
  • Global Perspectives 2012: Comparative views of the Swiss and US higher education systems with the central theme of access to & within higher education
  • Global Perspectives 2011: Comparative views of the Swiss and US Higher Education systems with a focus on doctoral education and global research
  • Global Perspectives 2010: Comparative views of academic leadership, governance, research and teaching in Swiss and US Higher Education
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