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Prof. Dr. Manfred Max Bergman, Sustainable Corporate Responsibility (SCORE) Research Programme

The Sustainable Corporate Responsibility (SCORE) research program at the Social Research and Methodology Group of the University of Basel is dedicated to theoretical and empirical research on the roles and responsibilities of corporations in and beyond regions and societies. The aim of the program is to advance theories and research on corporate responsibility and sustainable development in a cross-national and cross-cultural global context. Examples of important research questions are: What are the understandings, expectations, and constraints of different stakeholders with regard to responsibilities of corporations? Why and how should corporations be responsible? How are corporate responsibility and sustainable development linked? Why are some corporations more committed to sustainable development than others? What are the main hurdles toward a transfer of commitments (e.g. UN Global Compact, UN Millennium Development Goals, UN Sustainable Development Goals) into business practices? SCORE is conjointly directed by Klaus Leisinger (Professor at the University of Basel and Director of the Global Value Alliance) and Max Bergman (Professor at the University of Basel). More

Prof. Dr. Paul Burger, Program Sustainability Research

The Program Sustainability Research focuses on social science issues and normative foundations of sustainable development. It analyses human-nature-interrelations, action spaces of actors, instruments and governance for sustainable development against the backdrop of the critical relationship between human well-being and use of fragile and scarce ecological resources. It carries out theoretical and empirical projects. More

Prof. Dr. Laurent Goetschel, Europainstitute of the University of Basel

Laurent Goetschel is interested in foreign policy analysis, European integration, and international peace and conflict issues. For the last nine years he has also worked on resource conflicts with the NCCR North-South. More


Prof. Dr. Elisio Macamo, Centre for African Studies Basel

At the Center for African Studies in Basel, Prof. Dr. Elisio Macamo is employed in practical relevance of the African-ordered sociological contention with uncertainty and insecurity. The focal point of this work is the research for a sustainable handling of risks and threats by the people in African everyday life. More

Prof. Dr. Ueli Maeder, Institute for Sociology

Ueli Maeder is professionally interested in social sustainability. Together with André Affentranger, he was responsible for the Swiss National Foundation (SNF) study that researched the social integration of two quarters in Basel. This study was finished at the end of 2010. Currently, he is participating intwo studies of the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), initiated by Claus Daub, about the sustainability of the University of Applied Sciences and the sustainability of non-profit organisations with Simon Mugier. Furthermore, he is accompanying a pro-doc-study about the discorses concerning the biofuel, carrid out by Annika Salmy. More

Prof. Dr. Klaus Neumann-Braun, Institute for Media Studies

The Insitute for Media Studies (ifm) at the University of Basel hosts a working group on the topic of "Sustainability and Media", chaired by Prof. Dr. Klaus Neumann-Braun and within the module "Media, Communications and Society". In this working group current dissertations within this thema spectrum are presented, discussed and led. At the core of this work lies the question of the role the mass and individual media respectively have in the transfer of relevant information for the sustainability discussion as well as which role they could and should have. These transfer-relations are viewed within the classical media information (news, reports, etc.) as well as within the popular media (shows, series, advertisements, etc.). This interdisciplinary working group brings together students of sustainability research and students of media studies. More

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