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The «get on track» funding is aimed at University of Basel PhD students who are parents. Each semester, support options are offered to help students complete their PhD within the allotted time. These life phase-specific support options include temporary supplementary assistance for childcare, hiring of an assistant or individual options within the scope of the set range of offerings. The get on track support options are offered during the respective semester dates.

Dates and deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.

The applications received are reviewed after the submission deadlines (1 April and 1 October). The support is offered for the subsequent semester.

  • Support during the academic spring semester (1 February to 31 July) > submit by 1 October
  • Support during the academic fall semester (1 August to 31 January) > submit by 1 April

Please note that you cannot apply at the moment. An online application form will be available by February 2018.


Eligible applicants are PhD students who are parents

  • and matriculated at the University of Basel (also during the support period)
  • who have active, regular family responsibilities
  • who have submitted the application documents completed and by the deadline in accordance with the get on track documents, see factsheet and checklist


Sponsored support options

The goal of the «get on track» program is to provide temporary support for family duties or assist the doctorate with routine tasks to facilitate focused work during the PhD period or completion of their degree.

«get on track» provides the following basic types of support:

  • (supplementary) childcare voucher one day, including lunch, valid for 1 semester
  • (supplementary) childcare voucher half day, including lunch, valid for 2 semesters
  • student assistant for 1 semester, level of employment 10 %
  • individual support option, similar in scope to existing support options, e.g. childcare in extended daily schedule, etc.


For more information, refer to the factsheet and documents in the download box.

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