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University of Basel

Equal Opportunities Plan

University of Basel Equal Opportunities Plan for 2013-2016/2021

The University of Basel has been working towards achieving equal opportunities for men and women since 1998. Since then, the university has established the Equal Opportunities Office to create the appropriate structures and has implemented numerous measures and initiatives for the purposes of making equal opportunities a reality. Despite the wide range of activities in this area, there is still a need to improve the percentage of women at the University of Basel, particularly in the upper career levels.

The Equal Opportunities Plan presented here aims to improve equal opportunities at the University of Basel through a clear strategy and well-coordinated measures. The goal is to make even better use of existing synergies and to ensure integration into the established activities at the University of Basel.

The Equal Opportunities Plan 2013–2016/2021 is based on the Strategy 2014 and the central and faculty equal opportunities measures. In this way, the University of Basel has a comprehensive strategy in place for making equal opportunities a reality.

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