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University of Basel

Personal Integrity

As a place of work and education for around 19,000 people from over 100 countries, the University of Basel both relies on and is committed to diversity. It sees itself as an organization that values the different experiences and perspectives of its members and promotes their diverse strengths, regardless of age, religion, gender, gender identity, cultural background, language, social or professional status, lifestyle, political conviction, sexual orientation or disability.

Are you in need of help and support? Contact Andrea Flora Bauer, Personal Integrity Coordinator.


The University of Basel is committed to a respectful work culture in which the personal integrity of its employees is respected and protected. The university does not tolerate

  • sexism or sexual harassment,
  • discrimination,
  • bullying,
  • or abuse of power.

The Personal Integrity Coordination Office is tasked with supporting and safeguarding this respectful work culture, in three focus areas:

Personal support for those affected

To ensure protection of personal integrity, the Personal Integrity Coordination Office functions as an easily accessible, confidential and personal point of contact, offering advice and support for university staff and students whose personal integrity has been violated. Personal assistance is provided during clarification and investigation procedures and is supplemented by solution-oriented and supportive measures, if necessary.

Development and expansion of proactive measures

Preventative measures are of great importance for the protection of personal integrity in a respectful working environment. For this reason, we are optimizing the existing range of information and developing a target-group-specific training program that defines the university’s code of values regarding expected, problematic and unacceptable behavior.

Revision of reactive measures

The issue of respect and protection for personal integrity needs to be reflected in the existing rules and regulations as well as in the University of Basel’s processes. To this end, the Personal Integrity Coordination Office continually evaluates and optimizes the University of Basel’s regulatory, operational and communication processes with regard to their suitability in maintaining respect and protection for the personal integrity of all its members.

The Personal Integrity Coordination Office is headed by Dr. Andrea Flora Bauer and is assigned to the Diversity Unit led by Prof. Dr. Jens Gaab (Delegate for Diversity and Sustainability at the University of Basel).

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