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University of Basel


The University of Basel is committed to an organizational culture that fosters the unencumbered development and advancement as well as recognition and appreciation of the diverse potential of its members. This is a central requirement for outstanding research and teaching, for innovation and for competitiveness at the University of Basel. Equal opportunity and diversity is therefore not only a matter of justice but also of future viability.

The Diversity Office was established in 1998, until 2018 know as Equal Opportunities Office. In the spirit of the official mandate, the Diversity Office is entrusted with the political mandate to make equal opportunities and diveristy a reality at the University of Basel and is responsible for the strategic focus and embodiment of diversity. In this capacity, it offers its expertise in the decision-making, planning, implementation and assessment processes of the university when it comes to the issue of equal opportunities and promoting diversity. The Diversity  Office consults and assists the Rectorate, the faculties, institutes and individuals as well as committees and boards with respect to the integral and long-term anchoring of diversity in structures, processes, strategies and measures.

The aim is to rid university structures as well as the organizational and scientific culture entirely of discrimination, make them equality oriented and family friendly and to increase the percentage of women at the various skill levels.

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