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University of Basel

Legal Service

The legal service advises, assists and represents the Rectorate, faculties, other organizational units and boards of the university as well as all university staff in legal matters relevant to the university.

Duties and focal areas of the legal service

The legal service is an office of the Rectorate. It is immediately subordinate to the Administrative Director. The service's sphere of activity encompasses matters of both public and private law. The legal service deals primarily with matters pertaining to university-level higher education, in particular partnerships with other higher education institutions in the field of teaching and research.

It is also responsible for regulations and the appeals system and advises the university in all legal matters, in particular contract law, intellectual property law, employment law, academic integrity, public procurement law, disciplinary action and insurance. Contracts – particularly external funding agreements – are also drawn up and reviewed within the service. Our sphere of responsibility at Switzerland's oldest university is wide-ranging.

The general advisory activities conducted on a daily basis by phone, email, fax, conventional mail and personal meetings run the gamut from common questions to matters of fundamental legal importance.


The legal service is regularly involved in the university's internal legislation process. This includes official mandates for the entire university (e.g. university statutes, staff regulations, financing rules) as well as the faculties (exam regulations, doctoral degree regulations, etc.) and the administration (rules for obtaining signatures and initials, etc.). Involvement in the process often occurs as early as the mandate preparation stage within the faculties or university units. This speeds up subsequent processing by the decision-making boards. The legal service is invited to express an opinion at the latest when mandate submissions are discussed by the Rectorate.

Contract administration

The services offered in connection with contracts includes reviewing, drafting and preparation and, when necessary, management of the process and assistance with the enforcement of claims in the event of any difficulties encountered. Contract-related information that has been signed or co-signed by the Rectorate can be provided as well.

Appeals system

The legal service is entrusted with protecting the interests of the university during appeals processes. It represents the university, conducts the necessary legal procedures and prepares legal documents for the attention of the responsible courts (for example, appeals concerning admissions, credits or staff). When required, the legal service offers assistance for exam appeals that are resolved independently by the faculties.

Intellectual property

Lecturers and assistants are provided with advice and assistance in copyright-related matters.

Unitectra is available to the Faculties of Medicine, Psychology and Science to assist with the negotiation of research agreements and the commercial use of research findings. For the other faculties, the legal service provides assistance in the negotiation of research agreements and the commercial use of research findings.


For advice and assistance in matters pertaining to data privacy,
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