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University of Basel

Annual Staff Review with Agreement on Objectives

The University of Basel provides its line managers and staff members with the tool “Annual Staff Review with Agreement on Objectives” to structure management-staff dialogue, to periodically analyze staff’s performance and agree on objectives. The tool is geared to the needs of the University of Basel’s staff (academic and administrative staff with or without line management duties).

The department Training and Development provides a documentation and  introductory sessions of 90 minutes to train the effective use of the tool. Brochures and materials for the preparation and the dialogue itself are handed out at the introductory sessions. They can also be used for other management-staff dialogues, e.g.:

  • End of probationary period / introduction phase
  • Defining and assessing terms of internships      
  • Extension of contract
  • Change of assignment

To book an introductory session for you and your team members, please contact Katrin Küchler, project manager at Training and Development.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding management-staff communication and cooperation tools.


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