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University of Basel

Locations of Defibrillators

As part of the first aid concept defibrillators will be installed in most buildings of the University of Basel.
The apparatus is set up so that anyone can use it. E.g. it leads per voice instructions through the necessary activities of reanimation and intervenes if an activity is not carried out exactly enough.

Bernoullistrasse 16 GF, entry to cafeteria
Bernoullistrasse 28 GF, corridor besides lift on the right side
Bernoullistrasse 30, Bernoullianum 1.Floor, foyer before lecture hall
Birmannsgasse 8 1.Floor, corridor
Gellertstrasse 156 GF, office 00.012
Gewerbestrasse 12/14, Allschwil Lift forecourt, 3. Floor, Building 14
Hebelstrasse 1 1. Floor, Stairwell
Heuberg 12 Hall 01.501, 1. Floor
Hirschgäslein 21 1.Floor, office
Holbeinstrasse 12 Forecourt 00.501
Kanonengasse 27 Corridor E010 GF
Klingelbergstrasse 27 Lift forecourt, 3. Floor
Klingelbergstrasse 50 Main entrance Pharmazentrum left hand
Klingelbergstrasse 61 GF, entry fitness center
Klingelbergstrasse 61 3. level, stairwell
Klingelbergstrasse 70 1.Floor, before entry to IT Services
Klingelbergstrasse 80 1.Floor, besides lift
Klingelbergstrasse 82 1.Floor, vis-a-vis lift
Leimenstrasse 48 Corridor E001 EG
Maiengasse 51 GF, foyer - sitting room
Mattenstrasse 28 GF, corridor
Mittlere Allee 18, Münchenstein Part North, Entrance/Foyer
Mittlere Allee 18, Münchenstein Part North, Laboratory B
Mittlere Allee 18, Münchenstein Part South, Corridor
Missionsstrasse 62A GF, foyer besides exit
Missionsstrasse 64A GF, entrance area
Münsterplatz 19 Staircase, 1. Floor
Nadelberg 4 GF, lounge area
Nadelberg 6 GF, back house
Nadelberg 10 Hall O150 1. floor
Petersgraben 27/29 1.Floor, corridor vis-à-vis stairwell
Petersgraben 35 Main staircase 3rd floor
Petersgraben 35 Auxiliary staircase ground floor
Petersgraben 45 Besides the lockers
Petersgraben 51, Rosshof GF, entry area
Pestalozzistrasse 20 GF, foyer lecture hall
Pestalozzistrassse 20 1.Floor, entrance to the preparation hall
Petersplatz 1, Kollegiengebäude GF, alerting panel main entrance
Petersplatz 1, Kollegiengebäude GF, besides wardrobe
Peterplatz 1, Kollegiengebäude 1.Floor, stairwell NE-edge
Petersplatz 10 GF, entrance area
Petersplatz 14 Floor B, passage before poliklinik
Peter-Merian-Weg 6 GF, information wall
Peter-Merian-Weg 8 GF, information wall
Rheinsprung 9/11 GF, entrance hall
Rheinsprung 9/11 Staircase, 2. floor
Schönbeinstrasse 18/20, Unibibliothek GF, wardrobe
Schönbeinstrasse 18/20, Unibibliothek first aid room
Biopark Rosental R1060 Corridor unclean, 1. floor, besides the lifts
Biopark Rosental R1096 Main staircase, GF
Biopark Rosental R1096 Main staircase, 4. floor
Spiegelgasse 1 GF, corridor
Spiegelgasse 1 3.Floor, corridor
Spiegelgasse 5 GF, corridor
Spiegelgasse 5 5.Floor, corridor
St. Johanns-Ring 19 1.Floor, besides material output
St. Johanns-Vorstadt 10 Corridor GF
Spalengraben 8, Botanic Garden GF, visitor information area
Spalenring 145 Staircase, 3. floor
Spitalstrasse 51 GF, at the entrance
Steinengraben 5 2.Floor, Lift anteroom
Totengässlein 3 Entrance hall, besides lecture hall
Totentanz 17 1. Floor, before lecture hall
Vesalgasse 1, Vesalianum 1.Floor, besides entry to the small lecture hall


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