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University of Basel


Lock systems

The Facility Management BHTS is responsible for the locking systems of all government buildings used by and properties rented by the university.

The planning of new systems as well as changes and additions to existing lock systems are handled by the BHTS in cooperation with the users.

The BHTS manages the relevant locking schemes and security certificates.


Issuing of keys

Keys are issued only to university staff and can be ordered and collected directly from the appropriate secretariat.


  • External caretaker and custodial services
  • Security services (fire department, police, Securitas)
  • Temporary issuing of keys to students and third parties for projects and external events

Keys should always be issued with a receipt.
If additional keys are needed, contact your key issuing point.

Upon termination of employment at the University of Basel, keys are to be returned unprompted to the point of issue.

Abuse may result in a demand that keys be returned.

Doors with electronic cylinders and badge readers record the use of keys and badge cards. The university can read and use this information.

Loss of keys

Loss of a key always harms the entire locking system. The extent of harm depends on the level of hierarchy of the lost key.

We reserve the right to charge the person responsible for costs associated with the loss of the key.

In the event that you lose a key, immediately contact the point of issue or the BHTS:

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