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University of Basel

Future Day

Idea: girls and boys put the shoe on the other foot

Hundreds of companies and institutions open their doors each year to young people in the 5th to 7th grades, giving them the opportunity to discover the working world. Boys and girls are invited to get a glimpse of unfamiliar fields and to question their ideas about what women and men supposedly can and cannot do well. Thus, National Future Day helps to expand and improve the career horizons and future prospects for girls and boys. After all, a career selection unencumbered by stereotypes considerably increases the chances of young people succeeding in their careers.

On the Future Day, girls and boys change sides. They learn how broad the spectrum of possible careers is and receive new ideas for their future.

The next future day will take place at the 14 November 2019. Further information about this special day can be obtained by visiting the official National Future Day website (GER/FR/IT).

Participation at the University of Basel

Future Day at the University of Basel is essentially open to all young people in the fifth to seventh grades. However, the various cantons handle participation in Future Day differently.
For example, Basel-Stadt, Solothurn and Aargau allow young people in the fifth to seventh grade to participate, whereas Basel-Landschaft only allows sixth and seventh graders.
To participate in Future Day, inquire within your school. At many schools, Future Day is already a permanent part of the yearly program. Some require an application for pupils' participation. Further information

The University of Basel offer all girls and boys of all members of the university to participate in the basic Future Day program. These youngsters accompany their mother or father or someone close related on the job or during their studies for one day. Participation in the basic program requires no central registration with the university. Rather this is arranged internally with the supervisors or instructors.

Furthermore the Departments and Faculties offers different programs where an inscription is required. Deadline is the 20 October 2019. The number of participator is limited.

In addition every girl and boy, who is taking part at the Future Day, has the opportunity to receive a lunch for free on the 14 November 2019 at every cafeteria and mensa of SV restaurants at the University of Basel. The vouchers can be ordered till 20 October 2019 and can be redeemed at the following mensas / cafeterias:

My profession. Your future?

A female computer scientist, a male childcare provider and a female civil engineer present their professions.

A film by Romana Lanfranconi

On the occasion of the 10-year anniversary of Future Day, a short film was made that presents portraits of three young people who dared to put the shoe on the other foot in their choice of careers: Marilyne Andersen, professor and civil engineer; Ester Tami, computer scientist; and Fabian Müller, childcare provider in training.

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