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University of Basel

Survey 2015

Family-Friendly University

The survey ran in November 2015. Over a thousand completed questionnaires offering a wealth of valuable feedback underscore the subject’s importance.  

We have started to draw up a range of measures based on the quantitative results. Tangible solutions need to be developed and prioritized with the University’s various key decision-makers, particularly since, in some cases, individuals in specific faculties and groups have opposing views. 

The preliminary results of the survey:


The responses to the subject of childcare highlight very different needs, which will now be discussed with the relevant University organizations with a view to determining the future course of action. As there will not be significantly more elbow room in the budget than in previous years, the feasibility of the different courses of action must be evaluated to identify the optimal solution.


The responses showed that family-friendly infrastructure is seen less as a personal problem and far more as a social obligation of the University: on the one hand, it seems that in comparison to childcare, it is relatively easy for individuals to compensate for shortcomings in the University’s infrastructure; on the other hand, the specific problems that arise from these shortcomings, e.g. lack of spaces in which to leave prams and nursing rooms, are disruptive to individuals’ work routines. Now we must identify and overcome the specific obstacles.

Caring for family members  

The needs of university employees and students with dependent family members typically arise in emergency situations. Fast and simple solutions must be sought in these cases. Both management and employees would like guidelines on how to deal with needs that arise in emergencies.

Communication and information 

Some responses highlighted that the University's existing framework is not well-known or not adequately used. This applies to both specific services, such as day care and counseling, as well as details on information and regulations. Improvements in communication will also be another step towards a more family-friendly university culture.

We will provide an update on further developments within the next few months on the University of Basel’s Family Services webpage. 

If you have any questions, please contact Patricia Zweifel and Dr. Sabine Büchler at chancengleichheit@unibas.ch or by calling 061 207 12 25.

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