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University of Basel

Centers and Networks

Due to the ever more interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of research, networking beyond department and faculty boundaries is increasingly important. Centers of Excellence were created at the university level as fixed-lifetime topically oriented networks to nurture a fruitful exchange of ideas. Currently we favor less structured University Research Networks which allow groups of researchers to come together dynamically. As the lifetime of the Centers of Excellence has come to an end, some of them have been transformed into University Research Networks.
In addition, researchers participate in numerous national initiatives involving topic-oriented and/or interdisciplinary cooperative research. Some of these are anchored to the University of Basel as Leading House while others are marked by significant participation on the part of researchers from the University of Basel.

University Research Networks

Research networks are intended to facilitate interdisciplinary networking and collaboration between research groups and can be established in strategic fields of importance to the University of Basel. Networks are organized bottom-up, they finance themselves and use synergies to intensify and develop their scientific activities. An application for recognition of a University Research Network can be submitted to the vice rectorate for research by at least five members of group I or II of the University of Basel from at least two different departments. University research networks have the possibility to apply to the research fund for support in carrying out scientific activities of the network. Further information on the character of University Research Networks is provided in the guidelines.
Contact:  sigrid.ayadi@unibas.ch


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