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antelope@novartis for female doctoral students includes the two program elements mentorship and workshop.


An experienced executive at Novartis will accompany you throughout the program and advise you on career questions and development, as well as on networking and reconciling family and career. As part of this process, mentors help to open doors by putting you in touch with other interesting figures both inside and outside the company.




Career Planning - How to shape your Future

The goal of this training session is to show the female participants - depending on their individual competence profiles - what professional possibilities and opportunities are available to them, which they can study more closely with their mentors after the event. The training day has the purpose of preparing participants for their subsequent mentoring relationship. 
Female participants:

  • are instructively and methodically guided in a carefully revision of their professional biography
  • evaluate their competencies and know their strengths and areas for potential development
  • develop a vision of their career
  • define learning and development goals for their mentoring relationship

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Uta Bronner, impulsplus

Kick-off Event with Mentors

This joint session with mentors and mentees event will provide you with an overview of Novartis and our business, an overview of the program antelope@novartis including details of the workshops and time with the other mentees and mentors.

Unleash your Thinking Potential (HBDI Herrmann)

This workshop is designed to help you better understand yourself, your strengths and your motivators. In addition you learn to appreciate other peoples style’s embracing differences and enhancing collaboration. The workshop will be led by experienced Novartis trainers.

Innovative Research@Novartis

This workshop provides a more detailed review of research at Novartis, our portfolio, how we develop new products and potential career opportunities in Research and in drug development.

Insights in Drug Production

Visiting a country organization allows you to observe firsthand how the country unit operates, who is involved, their roles and responsibilities.

Are you ready?

This Workshop helps you establish whether you are ready to apply for your next position, confirm your brand and negotiate your next assignment. You will be provided with great learning opportunities to interact with HR professionals ‐ experts who work on your individual application skills, and ensure that YOU ARE READY.

Closing Event

This joint session with mentors and mentees is to celebrate the end of the program and to share experiences.


During the program, training courses will be selected need-based.


In addition to the promotion of excellent female scientists, antelope aims to provide spaces for networking and the exchange of ideas. An optional service is therefore provided for this purpose.

antelope Convention and Mentees Exchange

13 June 2018, all antelope 2018 participants

Agenda antelope@novartis 2018

1/2 March

Career Planning - How to shape your future

19 March

Kick-off Event with Mentors, over lunch

11 April

Unleash your Thinking Potential (HBDI), in the afternoon

16 May

Innovative Research@Novartis, over lunch

13 June

antelope Convention

5 September

Insights in Drug Production

16 October

Are you ready? in the afternoon

7 November

Closing Event with Mentors, over lunch

16 November


  • Dr. Andrea Flora Bauer

    antelope Career Program

    Andrea Flora Bauer
    University of Basel Diversity Steinengraben 5, Postfach
    4001 Basel
    Tel. +41 61 207 09 89
  • Patricia Zweifel

    lic. phil.

    Reconciling Family and Career, antelope Career Program

    Patricia Zweifel
    University of Basel Diversity Steinengraben 5, Postfach
    4001 Basel
    Tel. +41 61 207 09 39
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