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Language Center

The Language Centre offers further courses at graduate level. The programme includes courses in rhetoric, presentation, writing and publishing.

The individual registration conditions and eligibility of the Language Centre must be taken into account.


Building on the Transferable Skills course “Writing to Be Published – Academic Writing Conventions and Style”, the Language Centre offers follow-up, hands-on courses in which you put theory into practice and write your own publication for submission to a journal:

Writing to Be Published for the Social Sciences and Humanities

Writing to Be Published for the Natural Sciences


Prepare and train all aspects of full-length and short conference presentations and defences: from the abstract, to oral delivery and visual aids; from pronunciation to discussion.

Presentation and Discussion in Academic and Professional Settings

Educational Development

Professionalizing teaching in higher education: The Office of Educational Development helps teaching staff at the University of Basel to train and develop their teaching skills. For more information click here.

The academic teaching workshops are published on: fortbildung.unibas.ch


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