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The transferable skills courses open for registration twice a year at the beginning of the new semester. All courses are opened for online registration at the same time. Doctoral candidates enrolled at the University of Basel and newsletter subscribers are informed via e-mail about current course offerings.

Target group

The transferable skills courses are free of charge and exclusively reserved for doctoral candidates and postdocs at the University of Basel. Doctoral candidates from interuniversity doctoral programs between the University of Basel and a partner institution/university are also eligible. Doctoral candidates and postdocs from partner universities of the European Campus (University of Freiburg in Germany, Strassburg, Mulhouse/Colmar and the Institute for Technology in Karlsruhe (KIT)) are eligible for the transferable skills workshops. Here you find more information how to enroll for classes.


Registrations will be processed according to a “first come, first served” principle. In order to ensure availability of the courses for the largest number of doctoral candidates and postdocs, participants can register for a maximum of three courses per semester. If you register for more than three courses, the Graduate Center reserves the right to allocate your participation. To register for courses, use the registration link at the end of the course description. Unfortunately, it is not possible to register by e-mail. The enrollment as a doctoral candidate or the postdoc positions at the University of Basel will be reviewed. The binding registration is confirmed by e-mail within a few working days. By registering, you are committing to attend the entire course.

Please note that the registration deadline for individual courses usually ends four weeks before the course begins. No less than two weeks after the registration deadline, you will receive an e-mail with detailed information on attending the course.

The course is designed for a minimum number of attendees. The course will be canceled if not enough people register for the course. Those who have registered for the course will be informed of its cancellation by e-mail. Once the maximum number of course attendees is reached, additional registrations will be placed on a waiting list.


Please cancel your course registration as soon as possible by email to grace@unibas.ch. You can cancel your registration until five working days before the first day of the course. Those who cancel less than five days before the start of the course will be barred from taking part in the transferable skills course program for the following semester and removed from other workshops in the same semester - unless, without being prompted, a written excuse is submitted with the respective documentation to the Graduate Center (grace@unibas.ch). The Graduate Center decides whether or not the excuse is valid. Only urgent, unforeseeable and unavoidable reasons can be accepted.

Absence or incomplete course attendance

Out of fairness to others, participants who are absent from a course without an excuse or whose attendance is incomplete for an unfounded reason will not be considered for registration during the following semester.

If an urgent, unforeseeable or unavoidable event prevents you from attending before or during the course, you must promptly submit a written withdrawal request (grace@unibas.ch) that is justified and accompanied by appropriate documentation (e.g. doctor’s note). The late assertion of reasons for a withdrawal from a course that has already finished will not be considered.

Certificate of attendance

Successful completion of all exercises, homework assignments as well as perfect attendance are required for a certificate. Certificates of attendance are sent electronically to participants after the course has been completed successfully. The cerificate will be sent to you at the end of the semester.

Course credits

The course offerings are designed according to the ECTS principles. 1 ECTS is equivalent to a workload of 30 hours. The courses can be listed in the individual class schedule of the doctoral agreement and approved with the signature of the advisor. Here you find a list of relevant documents and information about the doctoral agreement.

Acquired ECTS will be automatically transferred to the individual account of the student administration at the end of the semester.


Questions? Please contact Dominik Stämpfli.

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