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University of Basel

Concepts & International Standards

In a research context transferable skills are skills learned in one context (for example research) that are useful in another (for example future employment whether that is in research, business, etc). They enable subject- and research-related skills to be applied and developed effectively. Transferable skills may be acquired through training or through work experience.

(Definition by "Research Careers in Europe Landscape and Horizons. A report by the European Science Foundation", 2008, page 14)

The training program in Transferable Skills at the University of Basel is implemented according the Bologna Process and the guidelines of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). Each individual workshop of the transferable skills program at the University of Basel follows an interdisciplinary, interactive and creative approach including the general mindset of a good code of conduct for researcher.

Here you find a general overview of the transferable skills core areas.

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