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University of Basel

PhD Guide

First steps to a doctorate

Are you interested in doing a doctorate at the University of Basel? The first step is to contact a professor who is prepared to act as your main supervisor ('Erstbetreuer/in') or to apply for an open position. The issue of financing your doctorate must be adressed together with your supervisor in advance. During the first year of your doctorate, a second supervisor ('Zweitbetreuer/in') needs to be announced. Both supervisor need to be accepted by the respective faculty. Together with additional experts they form the doctoral committee. The University of Basel provides a doctoral agreement template in order to monitor and summarize the doctoral project, to evaluate specific training needs and to define annual meetings together with the doctoral committee.

Here you find information about admission, application and matriculation.

Individual doctorate and doctoral programs

At the University of Basel you can pursue your doctorate within a structured Doctoral Program or as an individual doctorate in different doctoral subject. Here you find a list of all eligible disciplines (Promotionsfächer).

Here you find the different faculty regulations of doctoral studies.

In both cases, you may opt for a binational doctorate - the so-called  Cotutelle de thèse.

Entry and arrival

Before coming to Switzerland or traveling to the Basel region, please check which entry formalities are required. Some official bureaucratic processes can take upto several weeks or months. More detailed information for foreign researcher are provided by the individual  Swiss representation and from the State Secretariat for Migration SEM.

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Living in Basel

The following information are intended to help new residents in the Basel region to adapt quickly and feel at home:

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center provides on behalf of the International Office assistance to new members and guests of the university.

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