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Cotutelle de thèse

The University of Basel offers its doctoral candidates the possibility to do a double doctoral degree ('Cotutelle de thèse') with partner universities in around 50 countries of the European Higher Education Area (including Israel). Cotutelle contracts with non-European universities are not permitted.


Please first contact the responsible staff member at the Vice President's Office for Education (name and contact details below).

Ideally you already know that you would like to establish a cotutelle when you register for doctoral studies. You have to be registered at both universities for the whole duration of the contract.

Applications for a double degree follow these procedures:

  1. Registration and enrolment at the University of Basel as a doctoral candidate online.
  2. Acceptance of one professor as the first supervisor ('Erstbetreuer/in') of the thesis by the respective faculty.
  3. Acceptance by the respective faculty of a second supervisor ('Zweitbetreuer/in') who can be identical with the main/first supervisor of the partner university. The request has to be submitted to the "Promotionsausschuss" by the Basel supervisor.
  4. Establishment and signing of a cooperation agreement between the University of Basel and the partner university according to the PhD regulations of both universities. (A bilingual template in German/English is available if Basel is the home institution.)


With its funding scheme "Cotutelles de thèse", the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI offers an allowance of up to CHF 10,000 for doctoral candidates pursuing their dissertation at a Swiss university as their home institution and any of the EHEA universities (Europe and Israel) as the partner institution.

The funding is meant to cover travel between the two participating universities and living expenses for the doctoral candidate when staying in the country of the partner university as well as the cotutelle-induced expenses of the supervisors.

PhD students are eligible if they fulfill the following criteria:

  • they are registered at a Swiss university;
  • they are Swiss citizens or hold a residence permit B, C, or G;
  • they have studied at least one year at a Swiss university (at the levels of Bachelor, Master or at the doctoral level, calculated from the date of registration) and
  • their age does not exceed 35 years.

The funding is administered by swissuniversities by mandate of SERI.
Further details are available at swissuniversities.

PLEASE NOTE: applications are to be submitted to Dr Manuela Rossini by 1 March each year (and not to swissuniversities directly):


The guidelines and the template for the contract are currently being revised. Meanwhile, further information is given by:

  • Dr. Manuela Rossini

    Doctoral Programmes & Cotutelles; Inter- and Transdisciplinarity

    Dr. Manuela Rossini
    University of Basel Vice President's Office for Education Petersgraben 35
    4001 Basel
    Tel. +41 61 207 09 98
    Contact information
    Contact information


Application Deadline

The application deadline for swissuniversities funding is March 31 each year. The Call 2019 will be launched at the end of October 2018.

Please note that you cannot send the application to swissuniversities directly but have to submit all the necessary documents to the Research Office first. In order to ensure timely submission, the complete application dossier should reach Dr. Manuela Rossini on March 1. At this point, applicants should already have a cotutelle contract.

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