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University of Basel

Formal Procedures

Admission and application

The Student Services provide all the necessary information on admission procedures for doctoral studies including information for visiting doctoral candidates.

Information about the online application for doctoral studies can be found here: Application. Please notice the application deadlines and necessary documents.

Here you find a list of tuition fees.

More information for international doctoral candidates are available here: Visa / Residence Permit.


Once you have been accepted to the desired doctoral study, you must matriculate for your subject at the according faculty. Here you find a list of all doctoral disciplines. You will remain matriculated for the entire duration of your doctoral studies and pay the applicable tuition fees.

Doctoral agreement

During the first semester of your doctoral studies, you set up a doctoral agreement together with the members of your docotral committee.

Regulations of doctoral studies (Promotionsordnung)

Each faculty has its own doctoral degree regulations. More information, available programs and the applicable documents can be found on the individual faculty websites.

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