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University of Basel

More! (02/2021)

Traces of the pandemic.

Research: Noëmi Kern, Angelika Jacobs, Infographics: Marina Bräm

During the pandemic, the focus was – and continues to be – on case numbers, hospital admissions, deaths and vaccination rates. In this series of infographics, we deliberately leave these statistics to one side and examine other things that have grown during – or as a result of – the pandemic.

Infographic on online purchases during the first wave, for example, average daily sales of scissors for cutting hair increased 4.6-fold.
With the lockdown, online shopping increased significantly. Certain product classes and products were particularly sought after, such as hair scissors and bicycles.

The coronavirus pandemic caught us completely off guard. From one day to the next, nothing was the same as before – and we had to adapt to changes in many areas of life. We stocked up on what we thought was most necessary, and we considered becoming self-sufficient. Many people avoided handling cash wherever possible.

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