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Erasmus and the Anti-immigration Initiative: Advice of the Mobility Office

After the adoption of the initiative on mass immigration, the future of the Erasmus Program in Switzerland is uncertain. The negotiations on Swiss participation in the new program Erasmus+ have been suspended. The European Commission has informed Switzerland that it has lost its status as program country for calls for project proposals issued in 2014. With Switzerland's new third-country status, Swiss institutions may continue to takes part as project partners.

27 February 2014

Erasmus exchange in the current spring semester 2014

The bilateral agreement between Switzerland and the EU on association to the EU programs remains fully valid until the projects begun by the end of 2013 have expired. The funding of Swiss project holders is assured until the end of the projects. This applies in particular for payments of mobility grants to students, trainees and teaching staff until the end of the academic year 2013/14.

Exchange in the academic year 2014/15 with Erasmus+

Exchange programs with Erasmus+ are based on bilateral agreements. Many of these contracts have already been signed and the nomination process is well underway. Applications of students at the University of Basel for the academic year 2014/15 continue unchanged. Students are encouraged to keep their applications running. Departmental coordinators are asked to keep nominating Basel students and to accept nominations of partner universities.

First reactions of partner universities

A large number of partner universities has already agreed to the student exchange 2014/15 with the University of Basel under the conditions of Erasmus+. Partner universities will hand in their nominations to Swiss institutions likewise.

Funding and scholarships

In the Federal Parliament's funding decision of 25 September 2013, the following was established in case of suspension of the programs: “the guarantee credit may be used to cover Swiss participation on a project-per-project basis for the period pending commencement of the agreement.” A concrete decision by the federal government regarding a proposal for funding is pending. It is expected that the funding of the program and the scholarships for participating students (for outgoing as well as incoming students) is guaranteed.

More information

The State Secretariat for Education Research and Innovation provides updated information on Erasmus+ on it's Website.

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