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FAQ - Video Conferencing General

This is a list of frequently asked questions about video conferencing and video conferencing tools (except Zoom), with a focus on their use in online teaching.

  • Which video conferencing tools are available at the University of Basel?

    Webex and Zoom are available at the University of Basel for video conferencing. A comparision can be found here.

  • How many people can take part in a video conference meeting simultaneously?

    The University of Basel has a Zoom license with a capacity of 300 persons per meeting. The IT Service Desk can upon request increase this number to 500 participants. 

  • My students are supposed to meet in groups outside of classes in a self-organized way. Can they also use Zoom?

    Students of the University of Basel are included in the Zoom license of the university. This allows them to set up meetings with up to 300 participants of unlimited duration.


  • Can we have access to SWITCHinteract/Adobe Connect?

    «SWITCHinteract» is the name under which the video conferencing tool Adobe Connect is available at the University of Basel. More information on this software is provided by SWITCH.

  • May I film and record participants of my lectures / seminars?

    Yes, as long as the participants of the event have been informed about the filming / recording and the recording is either stored on storage devices of the University of Basel or on infrastructure recommended by the university.

    Videos in which participants can be seen or heard must not be stored for longer than 6 months and have to be deleted by the lecturer after this period of time.

    This regulation can be found in the Regulation for audio and video recordings of teaching sessions at the University of Basel dated 30 June 2020.

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