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University of Basel

For employees

This page informs employees about current measures in connection with the Coronavirus. The information is updated on an ongoing basis, most recently on May 27, 2021.

Relaxation of the home office obligation as of May 31, 2021

Bund lockert Corona Massnahmen gegen das Coronavirus per 31.05.2021
Bund lockert Corona Massnahmen gegen das Coronavirus per 31.05.2021

As of Monday, May 31, 2021, in addition to those persons who must be on site for operational reasons, other employees will also be allowed to return to work, provided that the distance and hygiene measures recommended by the FOPH can be observed.

In consultation with our experts at the University Hospital and in order to reduce the likelihood of infection in the workplace, the University of Basel has developed a Corona testing strategy to be implemented as follows:

  • Employees returning to work will be asked to take a self-test twice a week. They do this preferably on two mornings of those days they are working at the university.

  • Employees who are at the University only once a week are encouraged to test themselves once a week, on the morning of the day they work at the University.

  • Employees who have already been vaccinated will only test themselves if they have symptoms such as a cough, cold and/or sore throat.

  • Those with health insurance in Switzerland should obtain the self-tests free of charge from pharmacies (1 test per week per person). The University of Basel provides additional self-tests free of charge. Details are listed below. 

The following regulations also apply when returning to work:

  • Furthermore, the majority of employees should remain in the home office.
  • The superiors determine which employees return to the workplace and at what times. To minimize the risk of entire teams having to go into quarantine or isolation, the same people should always return to the workplace together if possible (e.g., alternating on a weekly basis).
  • At the workplace, distance and hygiene measures must be ensured for the employees. Employees who are particularly at risk are also to be protected. For them, the specific requirements according to Art. 10 of the COVID-19 ordinance of the Federal Council apply.
  • In order to avoid the rush hours in public transport as far as possible, the working hours for employees returning to work are to be handled flexibly if operationally possible (between 06:00 and 20:00). For this purpose, the block times will remain suspended until further notice.
  • Meetings and discussions shall continue to be conducted using Zoom, Webex, etc. Exceptions may be made if physical presence provides a distinct advantage in meetings. In this case, the distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained at all times (approx. 4 m2 per person is considered the reference value). Masks are mandatory.
  • To ensure that possible chains of infection can be traced at all times, supervisors must know which employees are present at the workplace and when.
  • Employees with fever, cough, respiratory complaints or employees who feel ill, as well as employees who have had contact with an ill person, must stay away from the place of work. The guidelines of the FOPH Isolation and Quarantine must be observed.

Information on obtaining self-tests

These tests can be obtained in packs of 5 upon presentation of a valid employee UNIcard at the following locations:

  • University Library Main Library, Reference Desk (opening hours).
  • Rosental University Library, reference desk (opening hours)
  • University Library of Economics, Information Desk (opening hours)
  • Reception Pharmaceutical Center, Reception, 7.45 - 12.00 and 13.00 - 17.00
  • Kollegienhaus, Monday - Thursday, 10.00 - 12.00 at the main entrance counter

Only one package with 5 tests per person will be handed out.


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