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University of Basel

Information and guidelines for researchers

This page informs researchers about current measures in connection with the Corona virus. The information is updated continuously, most recently on 1 July 2020, 04:00 pm.

Lifting of the emergency ordinance in research 

The University of Basel has lifted the emergency ordinance in research and is returning to normal operation with restrictions, enabling all researchers to continue their research projects quickly and effectively. At the same time, the University of Basel is strictly following the protective measures recommended by the BAG and the Canton of Basel-Stadt to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. Additional requirements that are imposed by the departments are targeted at pursuing the test, trace, isolate and quarantine strategy. Further outbreaks of SARS-CoV-2 are to be prevented or rapidly contained through consistent testing of potentially infected persons, isolation of positively tested persons, full contact tracing and appropriate quarantine measures.

Precautionary measures of the departments and faculties

Departments require individual sets of precautionary measures, which assure that the rules on hygiene, social distancing and traceability of contacts can be observed at all times. For researchers at the University of Basel this means:

  • A distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained for all research activities. If this is not possible at all times, hygiene masks must be worn.
  • Appropriate documentation must ensure that the department management can trace contacts and possible chains of infection at all times.
  • All cases of Covid-19 at the University of Basel must be reported immediately to the Corona Task Force by email to corona@unibas.ch.
  • Research activities that can be carried out well in the home office should continue to be carried out there. This will relieve the burden on public transport and simplify the implementation of the hygiene and social distancing rules in the university buildings. 
  • Meetings and discussions at which physical presence offers an advantage can take place at the University, provided that hygiene and social distancing rules can be observed and the traceability of contacts is ensured. In general, it is still recommended to conduct meetings and discussions by telephone or virtually; For this purpose the university provides the video conferencing systems "Zoom" and "Cisco Webex".
  • The precautionary measures of the departments regulate not only the use of the laboratories, but also of offices, meeting and break rooms, as well as the organisation of courses and other events. Therefore, they equally take into account the general guidelines of the security office. For coordination questions, please contact Marco Pagoni, head of “Security and Guidelines”.
  • For workplaces and equipment that are used by several people, a suitable hygiene concept must be in place.
  • The precautionary measures of the departments are to be approved by the faculties. The departments are responsible for their implementation.


Questions and feedback

For questions, comments or suggestions please contact corona-research@unibas.ch.

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