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Working in the home office

Working in the home office
Working in the home office

Our human resources and organisational development team has tips and advice on how to organise productive work from home under current conditions (Corona measures of the University of Basel). They are designed to help you to better manage your daily work routine at home.

Stress management - alternating between tension and relaxation

Giving structure, spatial and temporal as well as finding a good rhythm in the change between tension and relaxation - all this keeps body, mind and psyche in balance.

Stay healthy - and patient: If something - in your plan, with technology, in working with your colleagues* or the other people in your household - doesn't work out right away: Be indulgent with yourself and your fellow human beings. It is new and unfamiliar to everyone and offers interesting learning opportunities.

Stay friendly - and stay in virtual contact with your colleagues, friends and neighbours.

Sleep and rest

Staying healthy and productive in the home office also includes the waking-sleeping rhythm: sleep is one of the most important resources for strengthening the immune system and resilience. So pay particular attention to this now.

If possible, always go to sleep at the same time - whether it's a working day or a day off. Turn off your electronic devices (PC, tablet, mobile phone) completely and banish them from the bedroom in good time - if necessary, take a walk around the neighbourhood and get some fresh air before going to bed.

You may need more sleep than usual, for example 6 hours, 7.5 hours or 9 hours, whatever you need now.

Good luck in the home office, stay healthy and in good spirits.


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