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Visual Studies

In a world where generating and communicating knowledge through images is becoming increasingly important, the questions concerning the particularities, functions and effect of images are of great importance. In recent years, the University of Basel has become an international point of convergence for academic discussion surrounding the image. This discussion addresses the issue of empirical and historical contingencies in visual communication while at the same time laying the theoretical groundwork for image criticism.

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Ralph Ubl

Ralph Ubl Doing research surrounded by museums

Barbara Schellewald

Barbara Schellewald Revealing and concealing

PhD Programs in Visual Studies

A central focus of the Graduate School at the NCCR eikones is the relationship between the specific meaning of images and their nature as artifacts.

The PhD program ProDoc “Sites of Mediation” addresses the interactions between local and supra-regional processes in the formative phase of a globalising Europe, based on the examples of Antwerp, Basel and Venice.
The doctoral program of the Department of Ancient Civilizations is the institutional framework for a wide range of PhD research projects. The program provides both scholarly qualification as well as scholarly progress in an optimal way due to the combination of subject specific courses with interdisciplinary courses.
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