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University of Basel

Sustainability and Energy Research

The sustainable handling of resources and efficient use of energy are forward-looking topics of great political significance. The University of Basel supports the sustainable development of our society by paying particular attention to these approaches in its teaching and research. In sustainability and energy research, the University of Basel has a diverse range of expertise at its disposal – whether in the natural sciences, economics or social sciences.

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Florian Seebeck

Florian Seebeck “Nature is the embodiment of a sustainable system”

Ansgar Kahmen

Ansgar Kahmen How plants are reacting to climate change

PhD Programs in Sustainability and Energy Research

The Swiss Graduate Program in Environmental and Energy Economics (SPEE) offers field specific complementary education for PhD students specializing in environmental, resource or energy economics.


Dr. Bernd Hägele

Bernd Haegele
University of Basel Vice President's Office for Research Petersgraben 35, Postfach
4001 Basel
Tel. +41 61 207 27 34
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