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Abbildung eines Mikroskopes im Bereich Forschung

To identify research with a particular strength in areas of Personalized Health, two internal calls for projects were launched in 2016 by the University of Basel. Projects were selected and grouped into three thematic clusters to receive funding. In this first phase, the research clusters "Oncology", "Infectious Diseases", and "Immunology" are being supported by receiving a position for a bio-informatician specialist for two years.

In addition, PHB supports the research clusters with a coordinator, Dr. Cristina Golfieri, who organizes collaborations, networking, seminars and retreats between research groups of the Zurich-Basel Alliance.

PHB Research Clusters are coordinated by

Research Cluster
Chair persons
Research Cluster


Chair persons

Prof. Mohamed Bentires-Alj

PD Dr. med. Andreas Wicki

Research Cluster

Infectious Diseases

Chair persons

PD Dr. med. Adrian Egli

Prof. Manuel Battegay

Research Cluster


Chair persons

Prof. Gennaro De Libero

News & Events
  • 25 Jun 2018 - 26 Jun 2018

    WIN Symposium 2018 in Paris, France: “Global Implementation of Precision Oncology”

    Speakers include, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, President of Salk Institute and winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, Dr. Carl H. June, Dr. James H. Doroshow, Dr. Josep Tabernero, Dr. Richard L. Schilsky, and Dr. Ellen V. Sigal.

    The WIN Symposium is an annual event that brings together leading, international researchers and experts in the field of personalized medicine in oncology from academia, industry, patient’s advocates and press, with the purpose to present and debate key innovations.

    Information and registration on the website

  • 20 Nov 2018 - 21 Nov 2018

    First ICPerMed Conference (Berlin, Germany)

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