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University of Basel

Networking as the Basis for Success

Daniela Finke is a professor at the University Children’s Hospital Basel (UKBB) and the Department of Biomedicine. She is an enthusiastic developmental immunologist with a commitment to the next generation of early career researchers. Together with LearnTechNet Basel, she has developed a teaching module in which students learn how to participate effectively in a scientific congress.

Daniela Finke im Labor.
Daniela Finke is committed to supporting young researchers. © Universität Basel

Professor Finke’s research focuses on the molecular pathways that regulate the development of immune cells and organs from fetal to adult life. Her team has identified “lymphoid tissue inducer cells” as the earliest innate lymphoid cells regulating lymphoid organ formation. They are used in tissue repair, mucosal immunity, and inflammation in response to the microenvironment. “This knowledge opens up new avenues for modulating immune responses in patients with chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases. Our work is at the interface between immunology, developmental biology and biomedicine. A strong network of scientific excellence between faculties, basic research divisions and clinics makes these studies possible.”

She values the BioValley Network which successfully brings together life science initiatives from industry and research in the adjoining countries of Switzerland, France and Germany in the Basel region. The University of Basel strongly supports interdisciplinary and international research activities, and in her work here Finke aims to implement platforms shared between life science researchers. “This makes knowledge and technology transfer much simpler.”

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