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University of Basel

European and Global Studies

In the field of historical and social science research on Europe, the University of Basel has many years of experience to look back on. The focal area European and Global Studies expands this expertise by adding a global perspective – particularly for Africa and East Asia – and combines methods and concepts from various disciplines.

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Madeleine Herren-Oesch

Madeleine Herren-Oesch The global context of Europe

Elísio Macamo

Elísio Macamo Africa and Europe: a close relationship

PhD Programs in European and Global Studies

The Graduate School of Social Sciences (G3S) of Basel University was founded in 2013 as overarching structure for all PhD programs in the social sciences. As a structured PhD education, G3S offers a graduate curriculum of disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses, as well as additional academic soft skill workshops.
The Inter-University Doctoral Cooperation in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (MUBIT) is a doctoral cooperation of the Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies program at the universities of Basel and Zurich.
The doctoral program of Science of Religion was conceived as an inter-university program between Basel and Zurich. It is based on an understanding of Science of Religion as a cultural science.
The International Graduate School North-South is dedicated to establishing a leading international research network that analyses the impacts of global change with a view to advancing sustainable development worldwide.
The Swiss Graduate Program in Anthropology is open to all doctoral students in anthropology from all Swiss universities.
The Hermann Paul School of Linguistics Basel-Freiburg (HPSL) provides an international and interdisciplinary program in state-of-the-art research in language sciences.
The doctoral program of the Department of Ancient Civilizations is the institutional framework for a wide range of PhD research projects. The program provides both scholarly qualification as well as scholarly progress in an optimal way due to the combination of subject specific courses with interdisciplinary courses.
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