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Universität Basel

Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala

The Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakalaoffers stipends for studies at top-ranked Universities in the USA and the UK.

The scholarship offer

  1. For any academic field
  2. For a self-organized 6 to 12 months stay at top-​ranked universities in the United-​States (mostly Ivy League) and the United Kingdom such as University of California, Berkeley (US), Yale University (US), University of Cambridge (GB), University of Oxford (GB) etc.
  3. Primarily for Master studies and/or Master thesis; PhDs will also be considered
  4. To cover tuition fees and/or living expenses

The annual budget for the foundation's scholarships is approximately CHF 200'000.- The amount will be distributed among 5 to 10 scholarships per year. Individual sums depend on the candidates' needs and study plans.

Selection criteria (as defined by the foundation)

  1. Academic excellence
  2. Documented lack of financial means
  3. Swiss residency (min. during the last 5 years)
  4. Student's registration at the Swiss university (min. during the last 3 years)
  5. Admission or pre-​admission to a foreign university (obtained at the latest by the time of the interview at the foundation)

Application procedure

  1. Application deadline at the Student Exchange Office University of Basel: 15.02.2021
  2. Pre-​selection* by the University of Basel: March 1 2021
  3. Interviews by the Foundation in Geneva: approx. May, 2021 (tbd)
  4. Final decision: Mid-June 2021
  5. Application form, see section downloads

Please read the list of all needed supporting documents carefully to make sure your application is complete. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Do submit your application by email to the Student Exchange Office.

*Please note that the Student Exchange Office is only responsible for the pre-​selection phase, all final decisions are made by the Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala. No explanations for refusals will be given.

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