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Universität Basel

About PHB

The explosion of health- and research data generated, in context with the digital revolution linking and processing vast amounts of information, have led to the prosptects of "Personalized Health":

To prevent, diagnose and treat disease with greater precision, founded on a detailed understanding of a person's health.

PHB Project Teams

Project Team
Chair persons
Project Team

Scientific Board

Chair persons

Prof. Susan Gasser

Prof. Michael Hall

Project Team

Clinical Data Warehouse

Chair persons

Prof. Christiane Pauli-Magnus

Marc Strasser (Head ICT University Hospital Basel)

Project Team


Chair persons

Prof. Radek Skoda

Prof. Christian Müller


Project Team

Ethical, Legal, Societal Issues (ELSI)

Chair persons

Dr. Jürg Müller


PHB aims to

  • Foster interdisciplinary networks of clinicians, researchers and bioinformaticians dedicated to advance personalized health.
  • Support scientific excellence.
  • Provide an interoperable infrastructure critical to enable state-of-the-art personalized health research.
  • Be a center of excellence for the training of the next generation of doctors and scientists bringing personalized health to the citizen.
  • Establish a framework for the ethical, legal, and societal issues (ELSI) of personalized health to the benefit of patients, research, and the public.
  • Support innovative entrepreneurship and partner with industry for making personalized health available to patients.
  • Eventually, we want to drive the advancement of Personalized Health and deliver personalized healthcare on a routine basis.


Activities Levels

Our challenge: to pursue excellent research activities while, at the same time, building and adapting the infrastructure enabling that research.

PHB acts on three levels:

  • Locally, we join competences in coordination with the academic institutions (research) and clinics (caregivers)
  • Regionally, we build on the complementary strengths within the PH-Alliance Zurich-Basel.
  • Nationally, we actively participate in the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN).

Local activities

Locally, we have defined three thematic clusters that will consolidate interdisciplinary collaborative research activities and inform the infrastructure needs. To that end, PHB takes influence in the ongoing transformation of the University Hospital IT systems for the digital age. The Clinical Data Warehouse will serve as the interface to make the rich, but currently strongly fragmented, routine clinical information available for research. In parallel, a strategic concept for the many local biobanking activities is being formulated, to increase the biobanks’ accessibility, interoperability and to meet the growing demands at infrastructure, information technology, and harmonization of collecting, processing, storing and using patient-derived biological samples. Capacities in Clinical Biobanking must be expanded and the increasingly complex ethical, legal, and societal issues (ELSI) surrounding personalized health are being addressed at every level.

Regional activities

Regionally, we combine our strenghts with those of the University of Zurich, the Zurich University Hospital and the ETH Zurich to create an internationally competitive center for personalized health research. The PH-Alliance Zurich-Basel focuses on strengthening the networks between our research groups and establishing an interoperable data sharing platform enabling collaborative research projects.

National activities

Nationally, PHB participates in the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN), a government-funded initiative under the umbrella of the SAMS. This initiative will enable the nation-wide sharing of health-related data in and play a critical role in defining the framework guarding the ethical, legal, and societal issues (ELSI). During the first years, the infrastructure build-up at the different academic centers will be in the focus; later more funding shall be allocated to support research projects.

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